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  • Trading Pair: Understand which assets you're trading, like Sol/usdt for Solana and USDT.

  • Start/End: Know exactly when your trading strategy backtesting begins and ends.

  • Period: Gauge the duration of your strategy backtesting, such as "735 days" for long-term insights.

  • Start/End Value: Track your portfolio's value from the outset to the conclusion of the strategy backtesting.

  • Total Tx Fees Paid: Stay informed about the transaction fees incurred throughout your trading backtesting.

  • Total & Benchmark Return [%]: Measure your strategy's performance against standard benchmarks.

  • Sharpe & Sortino Ratios: Assess your returns relative to the risk involved.

  • Max Drawdown [%] & Duration: Understand the biggest dips your portfolio has faced and their durations.

  • Total Trades: Get a count of all buy and sell actions executed.

  • Win Rate [%]: See the percentage of your profitable trades.

  • Best/Worst Trade [%]: Identify your highest gains and losses from individual trades.

  • Avg Winning/Losing Trade [%]: Know your average profits and losses per trade.

  • Calmar & Omega Ratios: Evaluate your investment's performance during downturns and the likelihood of achieving desired returns.

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