Tutorial (holder)

Go to the homepage and click the trading strategies

Mint or purchase the strategy NFT

Scroll down to review the metadata of the backtesting results

Go to Portfolio > Create Position +

Click the strategy NFT you want to use to auto-trade -> Create +

Setup the password for your semi-custodial wallet (important!! Please do remember it) -> Next

Sign your wallet to transfer the strategy NFT to your semi-custodial wallet for trading -> Confirm

Deposit -> Add Trading Fees for the 1st swap of trading (0.005 Sol minimum) -> Deposit

Deposit -> Add Funds for your position of trading (10 USDC minimum) -> Deposit

Click Start to start to earn 🚀

Click the strategy to review the trading details

Click the red cross to close your position anytime -> enter your password for the semi-custodial wallet -> Confiorm (the strategy NFT and all the funds are back in your wallet 💪🏻)

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